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Our Program

How Our Program Works

Three Springs offers a program designed to follow Marsha M. Linehan’s Standard DBT program. The four components of the program are:

Consultation Team

This team is made up of the clinical staff of Three Springs. This team meets weekly as a support tool for therapists in order to ensure that each client is getting the most effective treatment. The team clinicians review potential clients’ information, and make determinations about recommended treatment. The team members also support each other in utilizing DBT personally and professionally.

Individual Therapy

Each client meets once a week for an individual session with his/her therapist. These sessions usually last for 45-55 minutes. During this time, the client it able to discuss his/her week, review his/her diary card, and learn how to integrate DBT skills into his/her life.

Skills Group

Each group meets once a week for 1 to 1 and 1/2 hours. Skills group is set up like a classroom where the other DBT clients meet to receive skills training. Group size is small to facilitate interactions with skills trainers and each other. The curriculum includes skills in Mindfulness, Distress Tolerance, Emotion Regulation, and Interpersonal Effectiveness.

Coaching Calls

Coaching calls are also a part of the DBT program. Clients may call their individual therapist for skills coaching. These calls are usually limited to ten minutes and each therapist has their own guidelines regarding these calls.

Commitment to the Program

Clients who are accepted into Standard DBT Program are asked to commit to completing the skill training which takes nine to twelve months. It takes this amount of time to be exposed to all the skills taught in skills group. After this, clients often wish to continue with individual therapy until they feel they are able to skillfully apply what they have learned. Sometimes clients gradually decrease the time between their individual sessions instead of abruptly ending the program. When and how a client progresses through treatment is determined by each clients individual needs.

Each client is asked to consider the following commitments to treatment:

  • I understand that I am to be present and on time for all scheduled groups and sessions.
  • I understand that the basis of my healing is a commitment to honesty, openness, and willingness, and I agree to make every effort to make this a goal.
  • I understand that I and others have a right to confidentiality. I agree to keep strictly confidential any information gained about others. I will not discuss others’ personal information with family, friends, or other program participants. I will maintain the confidentiality of all persons that I come in contact with at Three Springs’ facility.
  • I will commit to reducing the occurrence of life threatening, self harming, quality of life interfering behaviors, and behaviors that interfere with therapy.
  • I understand that the focus of my treatment at this time will be in the present. If appropriate, past issues may be addressed at a later stage of treatment.

Program Fees

Individual Therapy     $100 / Session
DBT Group $40 / Group
Family / Significant Other $40 / Group Session
Individual / Family Therapy $100 / Group Session
Initial Interview $150
Consultation to Professionals - Individuals $75 / Session
Consultation to Professionals - Groups $50 / Session

Other Charges

Missed Appointments     100% of charge
Missed Group $40
Family Consultation First Five Minutes No Charge
Each Additional 15 Minutes $20